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5th March 2022

You know how we often say "I'm going to commit to......"  or "This year I'm going to ......."  or "That's it, I'm drawing a line in the sand....."  They are those kind of commitments we make to ourselves when we are either fed up, we know we need to make a change for our own benefit, or it's New Year's Eve! Whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually, we apply these thoughts often throughout our lives.  The Big Day Out this year is all about our spiritual needs. We know we need to have a faith that is strong, stable and rooted in the word, to help us navigate this journey on earth called life.  Sometimes the pace of life means we don't do what we really mean to or want to, or we say, "tomorrow I'm going to start" like those New Year resolutions! Sometimes life throws curve balls at us, that we were not ready for and we struggle to work through them. God promises to be our helper, guide and comfort through these times as well as celebrating our life successes!

Come and join us for the day as we explore together what it means to have a deep & meaningful faith filled with the longevity to see us to the end. You'll be pleased you did! 

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